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All you need to know about NFTs

What is an NFT ? (easy version)

An NFT is a media (image, video, music, ...) recorded on a blockchain (there are different blockchains such as: Ethereum, Tezos, Flow, ...).

There are two types of tokens, the Fungible Tokens (FT), such as Bitcoin. Fungible means that you can count them in decimal (so divide them), in units in tens etc... And the Non-Fungible Tokens which are unitary and indivisible. For example, you can buy 0.5 Bitcoin, but not 0.5 NFT*: if the NFT is an image, you can't buy a part of it, you buy the whole image.

Although there are new technologies that make it possible to divide an NFT, let's focus on the "simple" definition of NFTs !

Behind each NFT, there is a Smart Contract, that is to say a contract where the buyer and the creator agree on the terms of the transaction, and these terms will have to be respected otherwise the contract will block the transaction. For example the creator will ensure that this NFT is unique, the buyer will ensure to pay the NFT, the contract will verify that both terms are met, and authorize the transaction. This Smart Contract also serves as a certificate of authenticity for the buyer, even though it is barely understandable and most people don't really care about it.

So, an NFT could for example be a picture, like art in the physical world, and the picture could be very valuable, and no one can steal it from you or tamper with it. You are the sole and true owner of the NFT, it is yours and yours alone, even if someone takes a screenshot of the image, it will have no value, but yours will. Because yours is linked to lines of code, which proves its uniqueness and authenticity. Everyone will be able to see that this specific NFT is yours, and will be able to make offers to buy it from you even if you don't put it on sale.

To go a bit further: there are different blockchains able to manage NFTs, like the most used: Ethereum. But we can also mention: Tezos, Flow, Cardano...

On the Ethereum blockchain, to buy an NFT, you need to have "Ether" or "ETH" (see here for the live price of ETH). The ETH is then used as a currency to exchange for this NFT. See the next point to know how to get ETH !

Why should I buy an NFT ?

You can buy them to make money, mint them and resell them at a higher price, but you have to keep in mind that there is, like almost all NFT collections, a fee on sales, for the Metaverse Marauders it is 10% (or 6%) fee. Where most creations take 5%. However, most of the NFT marketplaces charge 2.5%. This amounts to 7.5% of fees for the purchase of an NFT on a classic platform. Where the exclusivity on the sale of Metaverse Marauders guarantees fees at 6%.

With the Metaverse Marauders, you will be part of a community and the creation of a very promising startup, you will also have, along the way, many benefits that will give you a lot of value, and NFTs too. The Metaverse Marauders, linked to the Sandaga project, are all about creating a real business, with real offices and real employees, we will bring all of this to the best of our ability, and there will be many surprises for NFT holders along the way.

How can I buy an NFT ?

Buy ETH (coinbase, etc...) and explain ETH :

To buy a Metaverse Marauders you will need ETH, as they are "living" on the Ethereum Blockchain (if you are not familiar with these terms, you can check Point 1 : lien vers le premier point). To do so, you will need to buy ETH, you can do that through an Exchange such as : Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc.... Once you will be on one of these website (we let you make your choice on which one suits you the best), you will have to create an account an go through a KYC (prove your identity), this step could take from 2 hours to 24 hours during the week, and might not be processed during the week-end. Now that your account is ready and verified on an Exchange, you can buy ETH, following the Exchange the steps are different, but still very simple : buy the amount of ETH that you need. Now you have ETH on your Exchange account, you will need to send it to your virtual account : your wallet ! (and this the next step)

Create crypto wallet and transfer ETH to metamask

To create a wallet, we really encourage you tu use Metamask as it is the one who works the best (for now), but you can also use any other one such as : Coinbase Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Exodus. Your crypto wallet is like your wallet in real life, but for using your crypto, you will then have to connect it to whatever website you want to buy things on, in fact you will have to "sign" to connect to website.

By the way, be VERY careful when you connect you wallet to a website, and make it is the official website, for exemple for the Metaverse Marauders make sure to be on "metaverse-marauders.com" and not "metaverse-marauders.xyz" (the letters after the dot and not the same).

When creating your crypto wallet you will have to wrote down your "seed phrase" which is some kind of mega password for your wallet : anyone with this seedphrase would have access to your wallet, so make sure to write it down several time (to not lose it) and hide it very carefully (very carefully !). If you lose your seedphrase, then you lose access to your wallet and everything on it : be very careful !

Send crypto to your crypto wallet

Now you have ETH on your exchange account and you have an empty crypto wallet. On that last one you have an "eth" address, that you will need to copy. On your exchange, go to the "Send" feature, type the amount of ETH that you want to send to your wallet and on the address section paste your wallet address, to make sure it is the good one you can first send a very little amount of ETH.

Connect your Metamask to Metaverse-Marauders.com

To connect your Metamask or other wallet, click on "Connect to wallet" on the right of the Metaverse-Marauders.com website. Then you'll be redirected to a Metamask page (or other) where you will be asked to "Sign", click on "Sign".

/!\ Once again, please make sure that you are on the right website whenever you connect your wallet : verify every letter of the website you are in, please.

Now you should be connected, to make sure that it is the case, you should see your ETH address appearing on the top right (your ETH address should look like this : 0x89205A3A3b2A69De6Dbf7f01ED13B2108B2c43e7).

If you a number like this on your top right on the Metaverse-marauders.com website, then you are connected !

Now how can I buy or more accurately "mint" a Metaverse Marauders ?

Now you have to wait for the drop to happen, the drop is the moment when the collection will be available. When the collection will be out wou will be able to buy or mint some Metaverse Marauders.

To "mint" means that you are going to be the first buyer of that NFT, and therefore you will be the one who will put it in the blockchain (you have nothing to do but click on "mint", no worries). To mint a Metaverse Marauders go to the "Mint MM" page, select the number of Metaverse Marauders that you want to buy and click on "Mint".

The NFT that you will get will be chosen randomly according to your place on the list of people buying Metaverse Marauders : will you get a very rare Metaverse Marauders ? Note that for every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, you will have to pay for gas fee, these fees are going to miners who are "handling" these transactions.

Once again gas fees are for every single transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, and the gas fees depend on the supply on demand on the network, it could very high during a high demand, make sure that the gas fees are reasonable (10$ to 80$ gas fee feels reasonable, 4000$ does not feel reasonable), but it is your choice and your choice only to decide whether a gas fee is appropriate or not, we are just giving you an idea of the average amount of fees on the Ethereum network for a mint transaction.

So, when you will click on "Mint" you will be redirected to your Metamask (or other) and you will see the total amount of the transaction price of minting + gas fees. If you agree with the total amount then click on "Sign".

Once you've clicked on "Sign" you will redirected to the Metaverse Marauders website, where the transaction will be handled by miners on the Ethereum Blockchain, it could take from 5 seconds to a lot of minutes, depending of the transactions happening on the same time on the network.

How do I see my NFT ?

To check your Metaverse Marauders, you need to know that there is a reveal time, it means that first you will have a pre-reveal NFT, according to the rarity of your NFT the pre-reveal will tell you how rare is your Metaverse Marauders.

Then, when the reveal will be launched you will be able to see your very own Marauder ! You can see wether on your account on the Metaverse-Marauders.com website, or on your account on any Marketplace.

And now ? Flex, transfer, sell you Metaverse Marauders

Now that you have your Metaverse Marauders minted, you can connect to a marketplace such as OpenSea or Rarible. The connexion works like on the Metaverse-Marauders.com website, you connect your wallet and your NFTs (from every collection) appear on your account directly on the marketplace. Then you sell if you want to, or even buy more if you have enough money on your wallet. To buy Metaverse Marauders on the secondary market, here are the official links : Opensea : https://opensea.io/collection/metaverse-marauders