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The project

The idea for Sandaga was born in 2018, in Los Angeles, after a 2 week brainstorming session between Helene, Ludovic and Rayann. The main idea was to bring more power to designers, everywhere in the world.

Sandaga is the name of a famous market in Dakar, Senegal, where merchants and designers can sell their products. Since 2018, we have been maturing the Sandaga project, keeping in mind to create a Marketplace where creators from all over the world, especially from developing countries, could have access to create a real business around their works.

The NFT technology allows us to make this project a reality. Even if today this technology is "reserved" to a few, our main goal is now to make it accessible to all: designers and buyers. Sandaga will be a very accessible and transparent NFT Marketplace, where each creator will have, directly on Sandaga, the tools to create his own NFT: he will be able to design 2D and 3D artworks (and why not music) and propose them to be minted, directly on Sandaga.

There will be different NFT sections on Sandaga: a selective section where there will only be verified collections of verified artists, and a more open section for creators from developing countries and artists in general. 3% of all proceeds from the Sandaga Marketplace and the Metaverse Marauders will be donated to our "NFT for All" called the "Sandaga Education Program", which will help creators from all over the world access and understand NFT technology.

For example, the first step of the program will be the creation of a training unit in Dakar, Senegal (near the real Sandaga market), with trainers, class sessions and equipment to train creators and ensure that they then have access to working equipment. Our goal is to make sure that in the NFT scene, everyone can thrive.

However, the "Sandaga Education Program" will not only focus on NFT, but also on entrepreneurship and business knowledge (why not art in general). We are entrepreneurs, we also know that a project will always have new paths and new ideas, we know that things will change, this is part of the adventure of startups and we are used to it. All this to say that we will probably change/add things, we will communicate with the community of Metaverse Marauders who will play a big role in this adventure, it will also be theirs.

The founders Team

Helene is the mother of 5 wonderful children and lives in Los Angeles. She is also the founder of the charity "CeKeDuBonheur" (https://instagram.com/instacekedubonheur), which helps thousands of hospitalized children each year, trying to get them out of their gloomy daily lives through activities or meetings with celebrities. Hélène is also the co-founder of Siyah, an herbal products company based in Dakar and Los Angeles.

Ludovic and Rayann have known each other since the fifth grade and are both from the South of France. Ludovic is an art director and Rayann is an aerospace engineer, but they both decided to start businesses at a young age. So they created several companies together, including the last one "HappyCab" for which they raised 300 000€ last year, moved to Station F in the very selective "Founders Program" (Station F is the largest startup campus in the world, based in Paris, France) and have a team of 12 people. Station F is the temporary HQ of the Marauders of the Metaverse and Sandaga.

These 3 have known each other since 2016 and have already worked together on different projects. The Sandaga project actually came from the connection between these 3, long before they had in mind the use of NFTs.

It's a lifetime project we're talking about here, with a plan for several years to come and a huge ambition.

Sandaga Education Program

3% of our revenues are redistributed to the Sandaga Education Program.

It is a program that will help creators all around the world, specifically in developing countries, making them benefit from the NFT technology and making sure they are not put aside, like it is often the case with new technologies. This program is led by Hélène SY, our co-founder, she has a huge experience in charities as the C.E.O. of “CéKeDuBonheur” (Twitter) a famous French charity helping child in hospitals.

Through the Sandaga Education Program we will build physical units that will allow us to form creators to the NFT technology, and make sure that they can access the needed equipment. These creators will have 0% fees on the Sandaga platform and will be assisted by professionals.

The first unit will be created next to Dakar, Senegal, we are still looking for the best land, the money this unit will be spend like so : -- Approximately 20 000$ for the land -- Approximately 20 000$ for the construction of the building

Creators will also be trained to handling a business and managing crypto, especially with the financial tools that our token $DAGA will propose.

We will start with Dakar, Senagal, as it is linked to the roots of the Sandaga startup, Sandaga being also the name of a famous market in Dakar. Also, Hélène through her husband, is linked to that city and country.

The Sandaga Education Program or S.E.P. is an essential part of the Sandaga ecosystem, the first concept of Sandaga, back in 2018 was to find a way to help creators from developing countries to reach the European and American markets.

NFT sales for these creators can generate amounts of money that could make them live for months, because their NFTs will be sold with a price aligned on every other NFTs, and not their countries' currency. This technology could be a real life changer for thousands (or more) families around the world, and we want to help them to do so.

Finally, we will also introduce the youngest to the Blockchain, cryptos (and their financial mechanisms) and also NFTs.